Grandma’s Interpretation of the 23rd Psalm

23rd Psalm

This past Sunday, Rev. Dan Johnson preached to the third graders. It was the Sunday that our Children’s Ministries presents each third grader with a Bible. Pastor Dan’s sermon that morning was on the Twenty-third Psalm. He referenced each verse of this beloved Psalm with scripture from the New Testament along with what this means in our lives today.

 He brought examples of how God provides, leads, guides, protects, fills, and gives eternal life. He called it the Perfect Psalm for our whole life long.

 Pastor Dan’s words might have been directed at this group of children. However, his sermon was actually for everyone—all of God’s children.

 My maternal grandmother, Amanda A. Treat-Mayer, helped me memorize verses, passages, and Psalms. She never handed me a scrap of paper with Scripture to memorize. Instead, she had me repeat God’s Word with her while we made a lemon meringue pie or as we worked on a jigsaw puzzle. It was in her kitchen and living room that I learned not only these beautiful words, but how these words give a sense of peace.

 Today when I repeat this wonderful Psalm of promise, my words spill out in the King James Version. It really is the perfect Psalm for our whole life long.

 My grandmother loved the Lord, loved reading the Bible, and loved to write. Tucked inside her Bible were many writings she had completed as she made God’s Living Word part of her daily life. One such writing is her personal translation of the 23rd Psalm.

 I thought I’d share this wonderful piece with you. Here is Grandma’s Interpretation of the 23rd Psalm.

 Blessings and serenity,


 Family Bible

As the faithful shepherd lovingly tends his flock, so the Lord watches over me. His love never fail me—nor does it ever change. Never need I worry nor fret about material needs, for He has promised to supply all of them—therefore I shall never want.

 Sometimes the path seems rugged and hazardous, but He provides me with all the strength I need; so, I rest in complete ease and abandon, even as the tender lamkins trustingly lie down upon soft, green pastures, beside a quiet brook, under the ever-watchful eye of the shepherd.

 Oftentimes my faith wavers and my spirit falters as I am confronted by seemingly unsolvable problems. It is then that I am ready to be led to the Source of the clear, still Stream, the Water of Life, which is none other than the Word of God which alone quenches my thirst and satisfies my hunger, for it also is the Bread of Life, and it restoreth my soul.

 The Road we travel together, my Lord and I, is straight and narrow and sometimes thorny, but it is the one I will choose because He has assured me that it is the Path of Righteousness. His Words are true. He is The Way, the Truth, and the Life.

 Heartaches and disappointments may come, or I may walk over dark, threatening paths, even though it be through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, but I will fear none of these evils, for my Shepherd will walk beside me.

 Once more He leads me by the hand. His words of love and assurance fill and satisfy my soul. He spreads His strong and loving arms about me—they strengthen and comfort me.

 Friends may forsake me; enemies oppress me, yet my Lord reveals Himself before them in ways they do not understand. There before their wondering eyes He invites me to feast upon the riches of His Love as though it were a sumptuous banquet table prepared and spread before me.

 He anoints my head with the Oil of Gladness—the Joy of His Salvation—until my cup is full to overflowing.

 Of a truth, His wondrous goodness and abundant mercy shall follow me for as long as life endures, and one day I shall enter His Heavenly Home, there to dwell with Him throughout all Eternity.

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