As a girl growing up in West Texas, Carol thought it quite natural to ride a horse up and down the road, take a lamb for a walk, and gather eggs for breakfast. She often had the family dog and cat, along with her collection of stuffed animals, lined up in her bedroom in order to teach them the alphabet, then words and sentences, and then stories. She wanted the other pets and animals to be her students, too, but horses and sheep weren’t allowed in the house.

Carol became a teacher with a real classroom filled with energetic students who were rarely lined up. For decades she taught elementary students to not only appreciate reading authors’ words, but to author words that others could read and appreciate. As a professional educator, she contributed to curriculum guides and supplementary resources for the classroom. She wrote articles for a local magazine and penned an educational editorial column in her local newspaper.

Today Carol is a retired educator. She feels God’s gentle pull to return to writing, once again molding words into sentences and sentences into stories. But this go-round, the pull is to write her own words in devotions and inspirational stories that glorify His name.

Carol has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology, a Master of Education as an Instructional Specialist, and lifetime certifications in Administration and Special Education. She plays in a bell choir, is an active member of a women’s group that promotes women’s education, and serves as a mentor mom in MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers).

Florida is now her home. Her husband, Fred, is a social worker. Together they count as blessings their morning prayer time with God, grandchildren, and the ability to travel and explore the world.

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