Plans and Planners, Part 2: Gutters, Salad Plates, and Extra Baggage


Another thunderstorm is rolling through our city. We certainly don’t need any more rain. Our lakes and ponds are full.

As I sit at the kitchen table, laptop open, I hear the pelting rain on the skylight and my attention is drawn away from my writing to the storm outside. I gaze out the window and see water gushing from the downspout. In fact, so much rain is falling that the gutters are splashing water on the porch in a couple of places. If this were a contest, the rain would be winning.


Rain is vital and necessary, but too much rain is too much of a good thing.

Earlier today I had joined a friend for lunch. We both ordered grilled chicken salads. When our food arrived, each of our huge dinner plates was piled high. Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, all kinds of delicious veggies spilled onto the table.

Pile of salad

Everything in the salad mix was good. But, it was too much salad.

Sometimes life’s plans can spill out and overflow. Much like rain and salad, the busyness of life can sometimes become too much.

Yes, I know that I over-schedule and over-plan with a desire to participate in oh, so many wonderful events at breakneck speed. Whew!


“…Let’s throw off any extra baggage, get rid of the sin that trips us up, and fix our eyes on Jesus…”—Hebrews 12:1-2 (CEB)

When I need rest, even good endeavors can become “extra baggage” and I don’t accomplish anything well. I’m simply rushing…

• From one very good event—
• to the next expected role−
• to another admirable duty−
• to some volunteer activity.

Tired, empty, flustered, frustrated.

Pursuing everything and yet not giving completely of myself to anything.

I know this is not what Jesus expects of me.

A few weeks ago when I turned the calendar from August to September, I sensed Him whispering to me to choose more carefully. To be less busy and more focused to His direction in my life. The noise of all that dances to a school calendar shouted; He whispered for me to join Him.

So this autumn, as the familiar upswing in activities started and when the calendar began to fill, I decided to take a step back. I said “no” to some requests in the hope that I can give more of myself to those things to which I say “yes.” More attention to Heavenly whispers—to the few yet important callings.


I pray for just enough rain, moderate amounts of fruits and veggies, a suitcase of basic needs.

Most of all, I pray for my heart to be open to God’s Whispers.

How about you? How do you “throw off extra baggage?”

Blessings and serenity,


Gutter, salad, suitcases images courtesy of
Photos: 173189, 212102, & 255250

3 thoughts on “Plans and Planners, Part 2: Gutters, Salad Plates, and Extra Baggage

  1. I’m reading this late but wow, still so timely! Right before reading this I added another “task” to my calendar, thinking “wow I have a lot going on” and still “where can I fit more?” Great reminder to be tuned into what HE wants of my time! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


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